Located in Ribeira, Porto (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in an 1834 building that went through a careful rehabilitation process, My Ribeira GuestHouse has 8 bedrooms and 1 apartment smartly decorated with unic details.

My Ribeira GuestHouse offers a new style in accommodation with daily cleaned facilities, breakfast and all the comfort a traveller needs. The attendance by the owners, with their personal experience in the Invicta city offer a truly single and genuine experience every day. The guest is the main character.

In the heart of the city, My Ribeira encourages you to unveil the secrets of Porto, fall in love with its history, discover its neighborhoods, explore narrow paths and steps, get to meet the people, know bars and restaurants that don’t show up in tourist guides, taste their wines and delicacies.

You just have to step outside the door to be embraced by the river and feel the rattle of the most emblematic part of the city with the advantage of being a stroll away from the main touristic references. This is the perfect place to enjoy the charm and charisma of Porto, where everything, including the beach, is near.